Adding tournaments to the Nahouw
[April 12, 2016] Each user of the Nahouw can add tournaments to the tournament calendar of the Nahouw. You can add a tournament on this page and on this page you can see an overview of the tournaments you have added to the Nahouw. When you have added a tournament to the Nahouw this tournament is initially not visible to other users. After your tournament has been approved by the Nahouw team your tournament will be visible to all users of the Nahouw.
New Tournaments and New Results
[August 23, 2016] The following tournaments or events have recently been added to the Nahouw tournament and event calendars.
Tournament / Event Date Location Country
ASPAROUKH’S SWORD 01/10/16 Plovdiv Bulgaria
San José Women’s Junior Sabre World Cup 17/09/16 San José Costa Rica
Brendow Cup 2016 01/10/16 Moers-Vinn Germany

For the following tournaments results have recently been uploaded.
Tournament Date Location Country
Ferrum Vetum 2016-3 26/06/16 Tilburg Netherlands
Gerda Kardolus Rolving Trofee 2015/2016 - 4 25/06/16 Zoetermeer Netherlands
NK Senioren 2016 11/06/16 Almere Netherlands

For the following tournaments or events new photos haven recently been uploaded.
Tournament / Event Date Location Country Photos
NK Veteranen 2015 07/02/15 zwolle Netherlands NVK2015 Podium Floret Heren 1/4 finale floret heren alg: de Graaf - Reisenbrij finale floret heren alg: Zair - Reisenbrij 1/2 finale dames sabel cat A: Stokkermans - Snoek  all photos
7e Internationale Delftse Tegeltjestoernooi / 2e DTT Equipetoernooi 22/02/15 Delft Netherlands Delftse Tegeltjes 2015 - Podium Degen Dames (niet compleet) Delftse Tegeltjes 2015 - Podium Degen Heren Delftse Tegeltjes 2015 - Podium Sabel Heren Delftse Tegeltjes 2015 - Podium Sabel Equipe  all photos
Gerda Kardolus Rolving Trofee 2014/2015 - 2 14/02/15 Zoetermeer Netherlands GKRT 2014-2015 II - Podium Benjamins Kuikens GKRT 2014-2015 II - Podium Cadetten Pupillen  all photos