Adding tournaments to the Nahouw
[April 12, 2016] Each user of the Nahouw can add tournaments to the tournament calendar of the Nahouw. You can add a tournament on this page and on this page you can see an overview of the tournaments you have added to the Nahouw.
New Tournaments and New Results
[January 20, 2017] The following tournaments or events have recently been added to the Nahouw tournament and event calendars.
Tournament Date Location Country
27. Offene Norddeutsche Senioren-Einzelmeisterschaften 11/03/17 Hannover Germany
Faches Thumesnil - French Veteran International Tour 12/03/17 Faches Thumesnil France
Open Championship of Ukraine 25/02/17 Kiev Ukraine

For the following tournaments results have recently been uploaded.
Tournament Date Location Country
Ferrum Vetum 2017-1 08/01/17 Gorssel Netherlands
Ferrum Vetum 2016-5 11/12/16 Veldhoven Netherlands
XX. International JoGu-Cup 19/11/16 Mainz Germany