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German tournaments canceled
[Monday, March 9, 2020] All tournaments in Germany are cancelled till April 12, 2020.

More information is available in this document at the DFB website.

New Tournaments and New Results
[Saturday, August 1, 2020]The following tournaments or events have recently been added to the Nahouw tournament and event calendars.
Murgtal Fencing-Turnier 4 Youth Cup 2020 / 52 Veterans Tournament Rastatt 202011/22/2020RastattGermany
2020 Baltic-Cup09/19/2020GreifswaldGermany
19 Keese Optik-Cup 202101/02/2021Buchholz in der NordheideGermany

For the following tournaments results have recently been uploaded.
1e EnCavant Schermtoernooi03/07/2020VolendamNetherlands
Delftse Tegeltjes Toernooi02/23/2020DelftNetherlands
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