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[Monday, January 1, 2018]All members of KNAS (Royal Dutch Fencing Association) and VSB (Flemish Fencing Association) must sign in to the Nahouw using OnzeRelaties by following the link "Sign In with OnzeRelaties" on the sign in page. More information about signing in with OnzeRelaties can be found at

New members of the KNAS and VSB can sign in to the Nahouw without creating an account on the Nahouw first.

Members of the KNAS and VSB with multiple accounts on the Nahouw can request to merge their accounts by sending an email to the webmaster.
New Tournaments and New Results
[Monday, August 20, 2018]The following tournaments or events have recently been added to the Nahouw tournament and event calendars.
Tournament Date Location Country
VSB Beker Sint Truiden 09/16/2018 Sint-Truiden Belgium
EFC U23 Circuit 05/04/2019 Kaunas Lithuania
EFC U23 Circuit 04/27/2019 Budapest Hungary

For the following tournaments results have recently been uploaded.
Tournament Date Location Country
Säbel Total 2018 / Bochumer Pärchen-Cup 07/14/2018 Bochum Germany
30e JALEMA Vlaaientoernooi Venlo 2018 05/27/2018 Baarlo Netherlands
Schermtoernooi Alkmaar LUDUS ET GLADIUS 2018 / Randstadtoernooi 2017-2018 05/19/2018 Alkmaar Netherlands