New Tournaments and New Results
[September 30, 2014] The following tournaments or events have recently been added to the Nahouw tournament and event calendars.
Tournament / Event Date Location Country
21. internationaler Bayer-Fecht-Cup 22/11/14 Leverkusen Germany
Toto-Lotto-Cup 15/11/14 Mosbach Germany
Korber Mini-Cup 19/10/14 Korb Germany

For the following tournaments results have recently been uploaded.
Tournament Date Location Country
Internationaal Schermtornooi (Nationaal Cadetten Circuit) 13/09/14 Neufch√Ęteau Belgium
Scaramouche Trophy 2014 28/09/14 Duiven Netherlands
Grand Prix de Wallonie 20/09/14 Dinant Belgium

For the following tournaments or events new photos haven recently been uploaded.
Tournament / Event Date Location Country Photos
Scaramouche Trophy 2014 28/09/14 Duiven Netherlands Scaramouche Trophy2014 Podium Floret Heren Scaramouche Trophy2014 Podium Sabel Dames Scaramouche Trophy2014 Podium Sabel Heren Scaramouche Trophy2014 Sabreurs B  all photos
27e Koning Willem II toernooi 2014 21/09/14 Tilburg Netherlands Koning Willem II 2014 - Prijswinnaars Degen B-Poule Koning Willem II 2014 - Prijswinnaars Degen Dames Koning Willem II 2014 - Prijswinnaars Degen Heren Koning Willem II 2014 - Prijswinnaars Wisselprijs  all photos
Ferrum Vetum 2014-04 14/09/14 zwolle Netherlands 20140916_213747_100.jpg  all photos